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Monitoring and Evaluation

In analyzing the effectiveness of a product or service and its impact on the intended recipients, we offer a variety of cost-effective M&E services to enable our clients to build their M&E capacity, track performance, and determine outcome. This procedure has risen as a result of the increased demand for accountability- returns on investments as well as the need to learn from implementation or interventions to improve effectiveness. We tailor our evaluation services to meet client and project needs to ensure a best-fit evaluation that provides useful information for decision making by establishing baselines and monitoring services, creating results frameworks, and designing performance management plans which takes the form of formative and/or summative evaluation.
We are experienced in a wide variety of evaluations, including needs assessments, process evaluations, outcome or performance evaluations, and impact evaluations. The choice of the design, implementation, and analysis of instruments such as surveys, focus groups, and interviews are factored into the provision of high-quality and participatory evaluations using qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods approaches