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Centre for Impact Entrepreneurship - About Us

About Us


AAMG Business Solutions Limited is a registered Limited Liability company under the Ghana Companies Code 1963 (Act 179) with the aim of providing business consultancy services to individual and corporate organizations in upscaling their various ventures through social capital networking and customized digital printing.


Center for Impact Entrepreneurship (CIE) is a registered Social Enterprise Subsidiary of aamg Business Solutions Limited with the objective of empowering not just entrepreneurs but the younger generation who desire to disrupt the status quo by pushing the world forward as they strive to build businesses that make a difference in the world to curb low employment rates, the lack of training and the absence of mentorship and internship opportunities. These businesses do not only make money but pursue a path greater than just profit by creating businesses that are more ethical and transparent with a working philosophy of solving problems.


Knowing is not enough. It’s doing that counts. So we train people to do business. We quickly push past the theory and get to practice and feedback. It is less comfortable but real learning requires stepping out of your comfort zone into tangible challenges. We have developed 9 steps to starting a viable business. It’s not linear and there is no exam. The test is the real world. Trainees play with their ideas and by moving quickly, with a sense of fun and curiosity, iterative improvement occurs and far better businesses emerge.


We believe that nearly every small business is a success. Why? Well, it may not make a million but it is still someone’s dream and they didn’t just talk about it… they made it happen. They brought their dream to life! They are a role model to their kids, a link in the supply chain, part of a community and a person who lives with purpose. Training and supporting them, that is our purpose.


To empower stand-up, start-up and scale-up entrepreneurs by employing globally effective practices through training, skills acquisition and tools, mentoring and social capital networking for a sustainable socio-economic development.


To become the preferred leading center for quality social entrepreneurship training and impact development in Ghana and the West-African Sub-region.